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Simply click on the door(s) of your choice and add to your cart. Proceed to check out after shopping, make payment and your order will be made. We start processing your payment immediately after processing.

We accept Master, Visa and other debit or credit cards. A bank transfer is also acceptable if you don’t have access to these channels.

Yes you can but please contact us to verify availability and authenticity of chosen channel before making payment.

No, our doors’ prices are VAT inclusive.


Order & Delivery

Deliveries typically take 1 to 2 days if the order is within Lagos and its environs; orders outside Lagos are dependent on 3rd party logistics and transportation depending on location. 

You can buy doors directly from us but we also have dealers that buy from us and retail to customers. 

You can contact us to find out if there is a Kellugs rep near your location.

We deliver across Nigeria and we also ship overseas based on your location and shipping services available.

Yes of course. Once your order is ready, your local store will contact you to come pick it up or get it delivered to you as you wish.

We run deliveries throughout the week and weekends are no exception. Our duty is to ensure that your order(s) get to you as soon as possible, no delays.

If you have any issues with your delivery, simply contact us and we’ll get to working on resolving it immediately.

You gat automatic updates on the status on your order at every point in time. We prioritize communication in running our business.



Most door veneers are 1/16” thick, much thicker than many other doors in the market. This thickness allows for multiple refinishes over the life of the door. You can also upgrade the veneers on your door with 1/4″ and 1/8″ thick veneers.

If you have special needs that require components made from solid wood, that can be also done for an additional charge.

Our door experts have surface level experience on these but if you want a deeper level of expertise, we can link you up with our network of interior decorators and design experts to give you that whole package for your space. 

Yes we do but it all depends on the kind of door because not all doors (especially security doors) have interior versions)

Some exterior doors can also be used inside as well, depending on the type. It is wiser to purchase an internal door that compliments the exterior door without them needing to be exactly the same. 

Unless of course, you want them custom made which costs more.

Our doors warranty depends on each individual product; each product has its own warranty and this information is attached to each door.

Yes, we sell accessories alongside our doors for doors that come without accessories. If you don’t like the accessories on your door, we can also change it.

We offer for sale door handles, door locks as well as changing any door parts that need changing. 

Our pre ordered doors are made in specific or the most common sizes of doors in Nigeria. 

However, you can also send in your specific requests  and we will be glad to create a door to your exact size. 

Yes, we install our doors for an extra fee if you do want our installation services. Our doors also come with detailed instruction kits and manuals to make the installation process  straightforward for a professional installer.

The sound installation of our doors depends on the individual door as well as your custom needs. Soundproofing on doors is flexible and can be increased according to your needs.


Refunds & Returns

We offer returns on certain goods based on certain conditions. Please click here to read through our refund policy.

We offer exchange on orders that are returned in same condition as they were delivered and have not been held for more than 2 days.

To return an item, contact us and we’ll come pick it up – as long as the return conditions have been met.

We will send you a mail confirming receipt of your return once we receive it.

Please contact us immediately if you notice your order is not in good condition. We will take it from there.